• 2016 Groupama Race final results !
    10 - 01 - 2016

     2016 Groupama Race final results !

    In real-time, the New-Zealand trimaran Vodafone, has ended up the 654 miles race in 2 days 33mn 12s, sailing the West coast with an average speed above 20kts. Vodafone wins also the Multi Club ranking. The skipper Simon Hull déclare that he will be back in 2018, to sail around the biggest lagon in the world in less than 2 days !  Ranking Multi The…
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  • The first Caledonians at Home
    09 - 30 - 2016

     The first Caledonians at Home

    Ran Tan II, the New Zealand boat, crossed the finish line at 20 h 29 mn, 15 minutes before the Caledonian trimaran Jessica Rabbit. A beautiful performance for the kiwis on their Eliott 50. Their complete the Groupama Race in 4 days 10h and 24 min after nearly 300 NM of "Match Racing » against local sailors. Tomorrow around 6:00 am, illuminations Keel Bill Leblanc,…
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  • 15 boats into a gentle breeze
    09 - 29 - 2016

     15 boats into a gentle breeze

    Ichi Ban is the 4th boat to cross the finish line. She arrived at 8 :36pm last night with a warm welcome from New Caledonian public at the Noumea Yacht Club. 15 boats are still racing and tacking on the west coast into a weak /moderate wind. Most of them progress either in « zigzag » at 0,5 kt or sometimes in a straight line…
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  • Between the north and Nouméa
    09 - 29 - 2016

     Between the north and Nouméa

    Beau Geste has arrived at 7:09am this morning, taking the 3rd position on real-time, behind Vodafone and Scallywag. The crew was very pleased about his race. The owner & skipper, Karl Kwok, compared the luxury and unspoilt landscapes from the East coast to Polynesia and the West coast to Cebu island in Philippines. The crew was even more proud to be ranked above Scallywag on…
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  • A record for monohulls : 2 days 13h 19min
    09 - 28 - 2016

     A record for monohulls : 2 days 13h 19min

    Scallywag, the longest monohull, is also the fastest boat to sail around New-Caledonia. She takes only 2 days, 13 hours, 19 min and 55s. Thus, she has established a new record for monohulls. Scallywag’s skipper was expecting a « battle » with Vodafone however the team arrived less than 13 hours late behind the trimaran. If for Michel Desjoyeaux and Franck Cammas, Orma 60 boats…
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