Name: Scallywag
Skipper: David Witt
Yacht: Dowell 100
Year built: 2013
Length: 30,5 m
Draught: 5,9 m


SH Lee, Matt Humphries, Liam Woulfe, Ben Piggot, Andrew Crowe, Scott Salter, Craig Malouf, Marcus Ashley Jones, Nick Crones, Mark Fullerton, John Fisher, Tom Clout, Jack Macartney, Sam Mckay, Tim Spencer, Kim Pascoe, Campbell Knox

Looking for  victory in real time ! 

100 feet, 30  metres!! Scallywag will be the longest competitor at the start. Her owner is also a wealthy Honk Kong businessman.

Scallywag has already got an impressive list of wins under her previous name : Team Ragamuffin.  She won real time places in the last two Sydney-Hobarts. Last year, she came in second, just behind Comanche, the American registered yacht belonging to the founder of Netscape, who has just beaten the North Atlantic record in 5d 14h! At Hamilton Island recently, she dominated the celebrated Wild Oats. Without a doubt Scallywags has every intention of playing games with Vodafone, the favourite !

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