Good bye Groupama 2012! Hello Groupama 2014 !

19  Sep.  2012 -  11h 29

The 20 boats and 136 sailors are safely back in port, it’s now time to draw experience from the results of this 3rd edition of the largest banana Olympic in the world.

The very last boat to arrive, a Beale 33, crossed the arrival line on Saturday 15th September at 10hrs 15mn after 5 days 23 hours, 24 minutes and 45 seconds. The second smallest boat of the flotila, Beale had only 3 crew members on board, on arrival, the skipper, Gustave Cheron was looking tired and worn, however he was extremly happy : “The Groupama Race is a marvelous race on condition that you have really prepared your boat well” Gustave, “his wife and his pal” - this was how the skipper presented his crew to us – have surfed on waves at 15 knots, we sailed with a double reefed sail and a small genoa at more than 35 knots close to the wind and to finish they had 15 hours of flat calm. On arrival, nothing to report « not even a bent shackle »

Tactical and unforgetable

Aboard the Lapita Team Aus, the Australian crew member from Melbourne, Kathy MacFarlane, shared the same point of view. Classified 11th in compensated time IRC, aboard a First 36,7 Kathy, the ex- champanion of Australia in 9 various categories (Flying Ant, 125, Taser, Fireball) announced already that she would like to compete again in the next race in 2014. Thrilled, she recommended the competition to all New Zealand and Australian sailors and underlined the tactical side of the race with 300 miles close to the wind and 300 miles tail wind, plus the beauty of the coastline and the wild countryside.

Double in compensated and in real for Mange Mieux Bouge Plus

First over the line after 4 days 46 minutes and 45 seconds of racing, just before the New Zealander, Bull Rush, the Caledonians of Sydney 38, Mange Mieux Bouge Plus have won a double victory. They managed to win in real time and also in compensated time. For the skipper Hervé, “the victory was won through using 3 or 4 tactical options, with a crew who never gave up,” BCI Radical Concept, classed in second place, with only 6 minutes time difference. A sure disappointment for Philippe Mazard, the winner of 2012, who entered “to win.

« This race has huge potential »

After 6 days racing and a fabulous prize giving evening, the curtain falls on this 3rd edition of the Groupama Race. For le Race Director, Charles Cali “the results are very positive in spite of the difficult weather conditions. The crews and their boats were very well prepared and the overall orginisation of the security set-up enabled us to maintain the security standards of the race. The foreign crews were thrilled. They have adhered to this race and some have participated in order to gain experience and to improve their understanding of the conditions, they will return next time with an aim to win. It is undeniable, that this race has attracted many people because of its originality and exceptional itinerary along with the numerous options, choices and tactics on offer to the crews.” Denis Thompson, director of several International regattas, and who was a technical observer on board the committee boat, was equally seduced by this race “this race has a large potential, it remains to now find the right date in the calender in order to interest the Australians and New Zealanders

Rendez vous in 2014

During the prize giving ceremony, the organisers of the Groupama Race, the President of the CNC, Jean Micherl Langé and the Directer of Groupama Gan Pacifique, Jean Baptiste Desprez, have already confirmed their participation in 2014! “Rendez vous in 2014

Résultas Groupama Race 2012


Who will gain a double victory next? Answer in future editions !
Who will gain a double victory next? Answer in future editions ! Patrice Morin
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