More international sailors in Groupama Race !

01  Juil.  2012 -  01h 03

We have just received confirmation that another Australian boat has entered for the 3rd addition of the GROUPAMA RACE!

‘Tilting at windmills’ is a Carvel dating from 1995 and has navigated all over the world with her owner/skipper, Thorry Gunnersen.Thorry is from an Australian family of woodcutters, who have worked in the country since 1893. An iron fist to guide and sail his 12.50m yacht. In competition, Thorry has to face other Australian boats, for example, ‘Lapit Team OZ’ a First 36.7m, built for this race her skipper is the Caledonian owner Jean-Paul Dotte, However, the crew is 100° Australian, all seven of them are originally from Melbourne. Since they confirmed their participation, the Team OZ is in training on an identical boat. They have made new sails and have studied the possibilities of reducing the weight to a strict minimum within the rules, in order to win in compensated time.

The Kiwi’s as well!!

After the ‘Sail Noumea’ race, the crew of the M1, a First 45ft with a carbon mast, were totally seduced by the possibility of competing again. They will be joining the yacht ‘Beale’ 33ft and its owner, skipper Caledonian Gustave Cheron. Peter and Mike are the owners of the racing yachts Ross and Eliott 8. If they come over to Noumea in September, it will be to win in compensated time. Amongst the other Kiwi competitors there will be ‘Bull Rush’, an Elliott 12 who finished in 3rd place in PHRF in the ‘Sail Noumea’ race; they intend to do better around New Caledonia. During the depression in the weather last week, where there were winds of 60 knots, enough to impress their competitors, their navigation and crew handling were exemplary. Their objective: to write their name on the honours board of the race by winning in real time! Another Caledonian who is used to the podium, has recruited three notable Kiwi crew members, these three men already have winners honours, a supplementary motivation for the Caledonian skipper who has finished 2nd in the previous race in compensated time and 3rd in real time.

With just 72 days until the start, 18 boats are enrolled and the crewmen’s grants are open.

Tiltingd windmills, will take the departure of the 3rd edition of Groupama Race
Tiltingd windmills, will take the departure of the 3rd edition of Groupama Race
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