"Crusader" is the new race record holder!

23  Oct.  2014 -  07h 58

The real time winner of the 4th Groupama Race is "Crusader", the New Zealand Yacht. As well as line honours, she also took the race record.

The new record is now 3d 18h 54m 6s, beating the 2008 record, held by "Team Australia Les Nouvelles", by 4h 26m 44s. Skipper/owner of the winning Elliot 35SS, Anthony Leighs, moments after setting foot ashore, stated "it is a sensational race!" Sensational for the 300 nautical miles spinnaker run, surfing up to 23 knots. But also sensational for the 300 nautical mile return slog to windward "beating alongside reefs and golden sandy beaches." Anthony said that this is a very special day for him. He is quite proud of having beaten the yacht co-skippered by Franck Cammas "one of the greatest names in the world of sailing". He added that it is a course perfect for his type of yacht, an Elliot 35 Super Sport, with a swing keel, built in 2012.

The other competitors will be coming in during the day.

The next, much waited, arrival is that of the New Caledonian yacht "Keel Bill Groupama", with Franck Cammas. He was aiming for a win in real time, but they are heading for second place. The crew of "Keel Bill Groupama" are expected around 10AM. Pop down to welcome them at the CNC!

And on handicap, who is going to win?

There are three yachts that have to cross the line before we can be sure. "Mange Mieux Bouge Plus" around 1PM, followed by "Chairman PAO Production" and "BCI Radical Concept". They are expected, along with "Catch Me OPT" towards the end of the afternoon, perhaps the evening or maybe after dark. "XLR8 Province Sud" is the tail-ender. Suffering damage to her mains'l, the yacht is seriously under performing. The crew is in "delivery mode" to make it to port. They are expected overnight, or maybe tomorrow. A supporting crowd to welcome them home would be rather nice…


Real time placings at 7:45AM Nouméa time:


  1. Crusader finished in 3d 18h 54m 6s
  2. Keel Bill Groupama
  3. Mange Mieux Bouge Plus
  4. Catch me OPT
  5. Chairman PAO Production
  6. BCI Radical Concept

Handicap places (putting the best crew first)

  1. BCI radical Concept
  2. Mange Mieux Bouge Plus
  3. Chairman PAO Production
  4. Crusader
  5. XLR8 Province Sud
  6. Catch me OPT

"Keel Bill Groupama" is not racing for a handicap place.

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