In real time and on handicap, it's going to be a mad finish!

22  Oct.  2014 -  16h 53

Real Time:

At this time, "Crusader" is off Bourail. She is expected to finish sometime after midnight. Carefully following the edge of the reef since yesterday, she should be in Nouméa between 3 and 7AM, tomorrow, Thursday, according to best estimates. If that proves to be the case, then the 2008 record of 3d 23h 20m 50s will fall.

Another yacht could also beat the 2008 record - "Keel Bill Groupama" - she is second in real time. To achieve that distinction, she must cross the finishing line before 9:20AM. On the telephone this morning, Yann Rigal, one of Franck and Patrick's crew, stated that if the "inside the lagoon option" didn't pay off as they hoped, it at least gave the crew of "Keel Bill Groupama" some respite from the "difficult conditions, constantly being soaked to the skin" they were suffering out at sea. Crews on all the competing yachts suffered similarly. Since Monday, and the New Zealanders' audacious move to leave Ouvéa to port, the distance between the two leading yachts is more or less the same. At this time "Crusader" is 27 nautical miles ahead. In third place, "Mange Mieux Bouge Plus" is making excellent ground to windward. She is only 20 nautical miles astern of "Keel Bill Groupama".

Reel time placings at 4:15PM Nouméa time

  1. Crusader
  2. Keell Bill Groupama
  3. Mange Mieux Bouge Plus
  4. Catch me OPT
  5. Chairman PAO Production
  6. BCI Radical Concept
  7. XLR8 Province Sud

And under handicap ?

Much is unresolved! Weary as they were, Philippe Mazard's crew eased up a bit overnight…

And "Chairman PAO Production" put on a spurt. Leaking fuel got at their food stores, but that didn't stop them - on the contrary. With such an "energy boost", they are catching up with the handicap leaders. Is it going to be enough? It is a question worth asking. Having rested, "BCI Radical Concept"'s crew did some neat sailing today. In third place, "Mange Mieux Bouge Plus" is ready to attack and could well make the top place. We should know the result tomorrow, early in the afternoon. "BCI Radical Concept" and "Chairman PAO Production" are expected tomorrow between 2 and 5PM. "Mange Mieux Bouge Plus" is expected between 1 and 3PM.

Handicap places (putting the best crew first)

  1. BCI radical Concept
  2. Chairman Pao Production
  3. Mange Mieux Bouge Plus
  4. Crusader
  5. XLR8 Province Sud
  6. Catch me OPT

"Keel Bill Groupama" is not racing for a handicap place.

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